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Customer Service

First and foremost, Medicare is confusing

You may have a solid understanding of it by reading about it, but we go through days and days of continuing education annually and do exclusively Medicare, all day, every day. One misstep that you make can lead to thousands of dollars in lifetime penalties or the inability to get coverage or getting stuck with an overpriced plan without the ability to change plans. It’s not a scare tactic – we talk to people every week who made a Medicare mistake and are asking for us to help them fix it.

24/7 Helpline

Going Above and Beyond

Medicare changes each and every year. There has never been a year, since the inception of Medicare, that there have not been some type of fairly significant changes to Medicare structure, co-pays, deductibles, premiums, etc. Insurance companies don’t send you notifications/information about those significant changes – but if you are our client, we do. We can explain, in straight-forward terms, what you need to know out of that huge “Medicare and You” book that Medicare sends each year.

A broker, essentially, works for you – not a specific insurance company. Sure, a broker gets paid by the different insurance companies, but we don’t have a specific loyalty to one certain company over another. Our goal is the delight of the customer with our service and the product or plan that we put them with – our loyalty is to ensuring that. If you call us 2, 3, or 10 years down the road and say, “My rate went up. Are there better options?”, we gladly help you compare other options and see if there is a better one available. If you sign up through an insurance company, you don’t have that option. And if you sign up through a local, captive agent that sells one company only, you don’t have that option. They work for the insurance company – their interests mirror those of the insurance company, not your interests.

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